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women new wave

RADIO : on until sunday >>>>women of the new wave GO!



Video by Johnny Kelly, of exactly what I’m trying NOT TO DO this week! Bring me a new brain!

Click on the link also, and watch ‘The Seed’ then the ‘Making of the Seed’ -its wicked! (and will let you procrastinate some more…)


(Johnny Kelly found via AfroSAxon blog, check it out too -Bob Marley and Charlotte Gainsbourg monatges, so good….)

Munch munch munch

Gummi Bear chandelier by Jellio!! Plus….


HX (images thanks to

Ian Stevenson

WIERD!! loving this so much!

Well into the tune also,


The Queen BEE!

New kids on the block THE QUEEN BEE COMPANY have just made their website and are selling their new badges!

Each badge is made by hand (timeconsuming!) from lazer-duck wood and Liberty print fabric. The animals are arranged on the fabric so that each one gets a different combination of colour and pattern -making every piece unique. The ranges are also limited edition. The Cupboard approves.

Go and get one for yourself, and one for mother’s day too >>>

HX (images thanks to the QB)

Saturday night, collage night!

Saturday night = working on photoshop + patti smith reading on radio 4 +
new Tunng album + finding these AWESOME collages…. so genius.

Its amazing what happens to saturday night once drinks get cancelled!

HX (Images thanks to Hagen – Renaker<<<<<<<<  )

((this post is dedicated to Eliza who will fully appreciate this collage genius HA!))

Totem totem! Damien Poulain

totem 49

Made from reclaimed wood and hand-painted, these beautiful Totems were created for exhibition by Damien Poulain.They do remind me of a similar project by Munari -but unfortunately I cannot find my picture of his for love nor money, and not even googleimage is helping, so if you have a picture PLEASE send it in and i’ll whack it up!

DPs Totems have made a school trip to Tokyo, Berlin and London for exhibitions and are available to buy -as an entire collection! Alternatively, go to Damien’s shop and buy a print instead for 40 quid…


I love his whole portfolio, beautiful colours, shapes and fonts. GO and see on his website,  jealous!

HX (images thanks to damienpoulain)