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Deptford planning weekend…

We are getting together the first batch of designers for the shop now, so if you have something that needs to be sold let us have a loooooook! WE are particularly looking for >> product design, lighting, interiors, furniture, stationary, prints, illustration, bags, SO email, Emma & Helen

Meanwhile, we went to discuss the project (and nurse our hangovers….) here>>>> at DEPTFORD PROJECT SPACE. The food is really yum and you can sit in the warm for ages. A rumage around deptford market also normally ends in some grimy treasure, so a highly recommended plan>>

ANd remember you, yes you! should be involved in the shop -so get in contact….


CSM CONgratulations!

And fashion week…. ENDS! 

A very serious show all in all from CSM, not sure if im that minimal myself (where were you colours?!) but congrats to all and ESPECIALLY to prize winning kids Lilly Heine, Jackie Lee and Rok Hwang!

Rok Hwang

Rok Hwang = pretty&strong! stars & blue and shoulders and colunms  of lovely lovely fabric!

Lilly Heine

Amazing original work from Lilly Heine -beautiful silhouettes and multi layers that move SO amazingly -find a video!

Jackie Lee

Jackie Lee’s beautifully cut, grown up collection summed up the CSM mood and had really.really.good.coats!

HUrray, and well done surviving Louise

HX (photos from, but go and see with the magnifyer on vogue!)




For all of you also lazing around on sunday -watch CSM MA SHOW LIVE!! in a few hours by clicking HERE >>>>to London fashion week live .     We just watched Todd Lynn -FOX DEATH!!

Several people are live streaming throughout the week (go go Ashish at 9am on tues) – so ride out the schedule delays in the confort of your own (avant-garde) joggers with a cup of tea….



fashion scouts need woggles…

So London Fashion week is in full swing -and im opting out with my dog in the coutnryside OOPS! never mind as I am still nerding up online, away from having to look good in this rain.

As we are more interested in emerging talent here, first bit of coverage comes from Vauxhall Fashion Scout -guys who focus on showing new designers and have, with the past seven seasons, shown designers including Peter Pilotto, Felder Felder, Spijkers en Spijkers, William Tempest, Avsh Alom Gur, Cooperative Designs & Cupboard favorites Theatre de la Mode!

Schedule’s on all week for shows, but the ‘ONE TO WATCH’ -the shows of emerging young designers, happened on Friday….

David Longshaw

CSM and RCA graduate David Longshaw show = soft coloured illustrations + block colours + lovely blue + shoulders!

Eudon Choi

Utility utility plus floaty chiffon from Eudon Choi, who mixes up masculine tailoring counter balanced by ultra girly dresses.


A Danish duo! Rah, I cant get a good look at this but i’ve heard its a good one! Going to try and track this show down for you later…

Florencia Kozuch

Argentinian Londoner Florencia Kozuch had a wicked graduate collection from CSM last year and is my favorite now with her crazy knits, lots of sexy black (hurah) and amazing textures – my personal one to watch…

both illustrations by Louise Shepard live from Florencia Kozuch’s show 


(all images thanks to Fashion Scout blog, check out their amazing coverage!)


Julia Pott

Ah, a cheery animation for gloomy February!

Julia Pott is a wicked illustrator & also makes lovely animations -well this one cheered me up anyway! Definitely check out her website >>>>>> for more.

HX (thanks to Zeena for showing me on a tea break yesterday…)

milling about

I really liked going to the mill in Dalson last summer -all that corn! I longed for dungerees.

Set up by architects EXYZT as part of the Barbican’s programme ‘Radical Nature’,  the dalston mill referenced the same project set up in NYC in early 1980s where people made bread from planting a urban wheat field.

Many of the themes and arising discusions where influenced by ideas of community and social enterprise, a cupboard interest too! 

Excitingly, a little pird has told me that interesting projects will be happening again this summer, based around the theme of gardening, so HURAH!

To get a mch more indepth, coherent backround of the mill project, check out theeesee guys with their excellent post >>>wemakemoneynotart <<<<

also – is worth a looooooooooook <


(photos thanks to we make money not art)

Bunhouse action Michael J Davis

Michael J Davis 

Michael Davis shows his new exhibition ‘Future, the system can always be extended‘ at the BUnhouse, Peckham this week>>

With a strange obsession involving a lot of mathematical systems and crosswords, Mike creates beautiful & interesting work, both paintings & drawings. I’d love to show you some, but as Mike seems to have an allergy to promotion or anything online much -apart from above I cant find anything visual online! Therefore I’ll have to give you an update later.

You may have seen Mike’s work CBRLOUSRSD shown over the summer in the Hannah Barry Peckham Carpark, but he’s now showing at the Bunhouse, a wicked tiny gallery in the back of the pub, always worth checking out. Free pickled onions and pool for 50p too! 

Private view thursday 7 – 11 Bunhouse Pub, Peckham Road, just down from the library…