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mmm… man bag!


Nothing like a good bag find to justify a celebration! 

E found this dark chocolate leather bag randomly in Battersea  -and yes, although it is very manly, we both want it for a holdall!


To buy: soon from our shop!



Designedmade 1

Set up by Jonathan Krawczuk, designedmade is a new company with beautiful products all designed and made (there it is) in Britian.

The emphasis is not only on producing a range of interesting products, but to build a company with a focus on self sustainable British maufacturing. So, for example, the tarantular tea light (above) is lazer cut in Rotherham, Yorkshire, hand-pressed and finished in Huddersfield and powder-coated in West Yorkshire.

The practical and social point of this production method is summed up best my Jonathan >>>>

“It’s such a shame that so many workshops have already gone, and continue to shut down. There’s still a plethora of highly skilled and talented engineers and workers in the UK – but unfortunately they don’t have enough work. This sort of quality service cannot be found on the internet. These types of businesses (that can be described as ‘precious commodities’) have been built up over many years, and are often family-run, based on quality, loyalty and service.”

As supporters of new designers trying to hand craft and produce small runs, we salute this mentality!

designedmade 3

designedmade 2

Find Designedmade to buy at …



Okay so I don’t really know how to justify featuring Diesel on a blog about new and one off design – but i’m putting it through as inspiration!

Its glow in the dark. Its pretty photography. I kind of want it. Coolaid.

diesel glow2

diesel glow1


BOSKKE birthday


I got given an ACTUAL GARDEN for my birthday this weekend from a particularly agile climber -got back and it was a super jungle on my balcony! AWWWWESOMMMMMME!

In homage to this wicked gift I’m going to invest some birthday quids into bringing the garden inside as well with one of these sky planters by Patrick Morris at Boskke –



Wanted one for ages -they are pretty magic and really well-made. Check the really nice photography on > //>….

Thanks for my garden!



the cupboard is soon to be spilling its guts out in an online shop form  -a beautiful collection of found items and newly designed pieces. Excited!

We are also having a christmas pop up, should be fun.

If you think you want to submit something and GET INVOLVED! give us an email about what you’re doing. One-off experiments and individual items are just as welcome as larger runs … . .. 

We’re always pacing about for new posts too, so send us your website/details and we’ll have a look> > > 




this is the best opening page i’ve seen for ages! jokes!

super cool.




with lifelong love of t >shirt action, I have recently been guiding birthday requests towards an ice cream shirt by Dan Monick (note!)…. hopefully this will occur thanks to Mitra Khayyam’s LA label /Blood is the New Black/.





BITNB pulls together a collection of shirts that promote the work of individual designers in the team. The result is giant happy mix up ! -dinosaurs, slogans, girls, monsters and abstract bits of jazz jump all over the seasonally evolving collection.

The really nice bit is the level of ownership Mitra gives to the artists -find their name all over, from tags to design recognition, and platforms on the website if you get obsessive hmm…

If you’re headed to LA go for it, though UK kids can also try Urban Outfitters closer to home, or get on the internet > > There’s also a zine doing the rounds if you want to properly dose up…


old skool.

AS genius

AS Chanel

AS couple

check out the OAP scene at A>M>A>Z>I>N>G! 

the most inspirational blog i’ve seen for ages and ages -you will never need to buy another ID again. what do kids know anyway…

(personal best right now -Steinberg Sisters -my love of print shows no bounds either!>>)

AS steinberg



bowtiegrey MWH

so, a while ago I got told about crochet bowties that my friend saw in Australia, and turns out that they are a lot closer to home (for me), resting their little crocheted heads in EAst London too!

MADE WITH HANDS are twins carissa & calliste crafting furiously to create individual pieces using knit, crochet and felting. Not only do they make bowties, but loads of stuff, including hats, laptop cases, necklaces, scarfs, purses and really lovely neckwarmers.

All are hand made -B.U.S.Y. 

bowtie red MWH

neckwarmergirl MBH


To buy online, head to > > > > 


(carissa MBHs, thanks for images!)

red light



yum yum yum, found this lantern for next to nothing, hurah!

I really love this light, especially in its dark but vibrant red -but then again i like anything that’s enamel…

Either it’s going on the balcony, or as  a present to one of the three people with their eye on it already! Don’t think i can sell this one>>>