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bamboo banger!


As an experiment for developing transport in Africa -Columbia University’s bamboo bike project has come up with these amazing bikes. NOt only for Africa, there are also DIY classes for building your own in NYC (any profits going over to Ghana for the first factory set up)!

An awesome, enpowering, sustainable idea and a super nice piece of design!

Let’s hope I get to see one up close in London soon,,,,,,,

Find out more >>>>> >>>>>>>>  >>>>>>>> ..



(photos bamboo bike studio)

oh no babe

…is the title for Louise Gray’s SS10 collection., shown at LFW.


It has really intricate textile work, and beautiful colour, and accessories action from master of the one-off piece Judy Blame (what a dude!), and Nick Kirkwood.

Have fun with the close up tool in the show section of…..


cheats notes!


Have a break and feel informed with no effort by a-reading this blog! and b- buying yourself a copy of >>>design guide london 2010 <<<< by Max Frazer.

A whole range of galleries, shops, institutions as well as walk throughs by practicing designers etc make for a wicked book,

by a copy for £10 at >>>>>>


! Kiosk Kiosk London SMack DOWn !


one of the coolest shops in NYC has landed in Curtain road London for design week!




Kiosk Kiosk are totally inspirational to us, especially with their ‘collections’ of objects which they collate at their shop, after travelling around the world. CHeck out Provance currently on sale, as well as previous collections from Hong Kong , Mexico, Sweeden etc on the website.  

CAN”T WAIT to see what they’re up to over here!

check or head on down to 135 curtain road where they are collaborating with SCP furniture design



Just a beautiful video to watch, thanks Eliza!


LAAAANNNDAN design Festival!

After a hectic weekend, the cupboard is ready to swing into action and check out all the bizzle going on at the London Design Festival! (actually the giant chess set in Trafalgar was spotted last night after a bit of  a hectic one and was most confusing at the time!)


For starters, previously featured > DesignedMade < is showing at 100% design in the Futures section, and is launching a new product -Column Vase – defs going to check that out later in the week. 

To start though, headed off to check out Thorsten Van Elten at the Dock in Portobello. Theres loads of people showing down there so it should be ace!! ……/././//…..

See you there,


SILKEN favours


Silken Favours make these amazing scarfs in all shapes and sizes, designed and masterminded by Vicki Murdoch, who hand draws all the artwork  before printing onto silk.

Each scarf is created from scratch, using themes and subjects given by the buyer to make the beautiful artwork. As the perfect present, you can also have a message worked into the design!




The cupboard definately wants some as it goes into Winter, with Barbours on and a phesant under each arm….

Grab one yourself at Silken Favours at ./././.>> !


prize action!

Congrats from the cupboard to prize poet Inua Ellam’s, who’s come back from the Fringe with a Fringe First Prize! Woop!


Although as design kids words often fail us (we articulate with pictionary drawing instead), Inua inspiresus into word action…

Check him out and find out the latest news at or …




the cupboard got most distracted with offset & bestival action, and so the poor blog has been neglected for over a week!!

However, coming soon as we beaver away is our shop, so to apply to sell or just get some info, contact us!


jaguar shoes print up…

Jaguar shoes are running a small limited edition print run of 75 for their Tshirt range -and they’re really nice! 



T-shirts by Marcus Oakley (photos above -funnny), Valerie Phillips and Chrissie Abbot….. All the T-shirts are organic cotton too! >>>>>