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Happy birthday B! 


premature spring celebration!

garland photo from creativejewishmom blog

Yes I know, its bloody cold today, but the sun is out!

And sun = spring coming =diy garland making! Obv.

I like the fact that the one above is made from disposable tablecloths, but it seems like a really nice jumping off point to make some really interesting stuff! Apparently you just put your little shapes through the sewing machine. 

For a proper explanation visit creativejewishmom >>>>>>>


joshua allen harris

FUUUUUUUNY! Very lovely DIY action from joshua allen harris


Fold up. part two.

Amazing ++++++++

mashallah design + Linda Kostowski, the_tshirt_issue

This is actually an old project from 2008 between Mashallah Design and Linda Kostowski, but it looks freeeeessssh! The Berlin based designers scanned human bodies, fed it into the computer to create 3d polygons, then turned that into 2d files that are then lazer cut.

And this is a very small peer at an architecture concept that involves pattern cutting/fabric  ‘moulds’ , which create concrete structures unique to the process>>>>

Project by Mark West

These columns were designed and built by Prof. Mark West and students, moulded from spandex!! (Thanks to Center for Architectural Structures and Technology (CAST).).

So much to think about….


(photos thanks to Mashallah design, and CAST)

fold up Fred

Has anyone noticed the fold-up pop-up shine obsession about now?? 

I have a feeling that much of it could be down to Fred Butler -love her! Graduating from Brighton in 2003 she makes props and pieces for editorial, fahsion and accessories -very inspiring work, once you know it you’ll always recognise. Inspiring….

Fred Butler headpiece (image Diane Pernet)

(images dazedconfused)

Check out FBs lovely website, here you go…. fredbutler <<<<<<<<<


{photos thanks to sources above+++++++++++}

heart zeena

I’ve been wanting to write about zeena shah’s stuff for a while, and finally i can show you online her shop!

Zeena trained in textile design at Chelsea college, and after working for various designers struck out on her own end of last year. Her hand printed, super pretty aesthetic is a charmer:

lavender bags

detail, beautiful cushion backs



Really nice, and saved me in a couple of christmas present situations! I’m looking forward to seeing it develop.

GO and have a good look at the heart zeena shop >>>>>>> click this link!


(all photos thanks to zeena)

the SHOP is here!

Drum roll please…………..

I would like to announce the cupboard shop is officially open!


Visit the shop at

where you will find an array of vintage finds, check back regularly for new vintage gems, and the soon to follow designers section, selling hand made, one off, unique pieces.

I can’t wait

here is a sneak preview

Happy shopping


Helen Kemp

hurah, work’s in!!!!! job done bruv.

not sure if i can actually show any of my prints online yet, as people will fingers crossed be buying them soon, but here are some of the (hopefully not too dull) starting points that i took for season spring summer 2011 >>>>>

soft v. hardness


stick on googly eyes!


Seems like SS11 turned out to be a monochrome feast for me…

If anyone has any work that they’ve completed this year or are producing for future seasons SEND A BIT IN and we’ll start a little collection of ideas on the blog. New year new sights!


making work>>>>>

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello! the cupboard is being horribly neglected as it’s all systems go on work deadlines >>>! So currently I’m eating up Christmas biscuits, drinking coffee and sitting here (ABOVE!) trying to make some prints!! A first week of Jan deadline is SO MEAN! Im must confess this is a photo from when I moved in -its currently like sitting in a black glittery bomb site…

See you on the other side for some excellent, interesting posts, promise.