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Video by Johnny Kelly, of exactly what I’m trying NOT TO DO this week! Bring me a new brain!

Click on the link also, and watch ‘The Seed’ then the ‘Making of the Seed’ -its wicked! (and will let you procrastinate some more…)


(Johnny Kelly found via AfroSAxon blog, check it out too -Bob Marley and Charlotte Gainsbourg monatges, so good….)


Ian Stevenson

WIERD!! loving this so much!

Well into the tune also,


Julia Pott

Ah, a cheery animation for gloomy February!

Julia Pott is a wicked illustrator & also makes lovely animations -well this one cheered me up anyway! Definitely check out her website >>>>>>juliapott.com for more.

HX (thanks to Zeena for showing me on a tea break yesterday…)