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Totem totem! Damien Poulain

totem 49

Made from reclaimed wood and hand-painted, these beautiful Totems were created for exhibition by Damien Poulain.They do remind me of a similar project by Munari -but unfortunately I cannot find my picture of his for love nor money, and not even googleimage is helping, so if you have a picture PLEASE send it in and i’ll whack it up!

DPs Totems have made a school trip to Tokyo, Berlin and London for exhibitions and are available to buy -as an entire collection! Alternatively, go to Damien’s shop and buy a print instead for 40 quid…


I love his whole portfolio, beautiful colours, shapes and fonts. GO and see on his website,  jealous!

HX (images thanks to damienpoulain)


Cat Johnston

Cat Johnston – the crows are wiping their beaks

AGH! Scary Model War Carnage!

Cat Johnston is having her first solo show this week at Concrete Hermit, London -full of little models living in their illustrated world, all created by Cat . I got told about this by a friend and I’m really looking forward to it -sounds like some original work should appear!

Love Concrete Hermit anyway -check out their shop for some really good presents and a lot of new illustration work X

HX (photo thanks to Unseen Agency)

Check out Cat Johnson at >>>> COncrete Hermit Gallery : 5A Club Row, London E1 6JX. 5th-20th March, PV 4th March

pop tart;park life;pop tate;pop life!


Finally made it downto the TATE for the POp expo that’s on -had a very jolly time! It’s not particulaly ground breaking, but was a lot of fun. A personal highlight – I got to be in a room full of Keith Haring, recreating pop shop -HERO WORSHIP! There are also some great Koons… Was also lucky enough to be brought a dog, who now sits on my door…

Fittingly, the shop is wicked for this show too, including…..




CHeck it out further at the POP LIFE (link!). There is also a talk on the 7th Dec about the curration, which i’m going to try and go along to, if you’re interested….


Oh and NOTE: its very expensive, so don’t forget to borrow your friends members card first (sorry tate – i think this is an  illegal move ….) !