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Sneak Preview

Take a sneaky peek at this selection of fine vintage finds coming soon to THE CUPBOARD SHOP.

Available soon from

We are in the LOSER’S CLUB !

The cupboard is proud to announce that our 1960’s Dansette Transistor radio has been included in a new etsy treasury called….

‘The Losers Club (how fitting!)

This treasury is inspired by Stephen King’s amazing book/movie, IT.    SCARY clowns here we come!

check out this really interesting and inspiring collection of images and objects here

those freaked out by clowns need not apply



everyone. needs. one. !.

My summertime wardrobe all in one fancy suit. Thanks Japan.


Céleste Boursier-Mougenot, Barbican Centre

Squatters at the Barbican..>>


Save our Souls

A sneak peak at Camberwell Illustration’s work before they graduate this summer. DEFINITELY WORTH LOOKing!!

Some of the work below://

florence c shaw

eliza kemp

miriam elgon

pete willis

bryony quinn

jordan chatwin

andrew ainger


Look at the Gallery for more profiles:



Happy (taxidermy) Easter

HAppy easter one and all!

Sorry for the hiatus in posting, so MUCH work on -expect more posts on interesting design a-sap, soon as poss, very quickly.

Even better, email me some of your work!…


women new wave

RADIO : on until sunday >>>>women of the new wave GO!



Video by Johnny Kelly, of exactly what I’m trying NOT TO DO this week! Bring me a new brain!

Click on the link also, and watch ‘The Seed’ then the ‘Making of the Seed’ -its wicked! (and will let you procrastinate some more…)


(Johnny Kelly found via AfroSAxon blog, check it out too -Bob Marley and Charlotte Gainsbourg monatges, so good….)

Munch munch munch

Gummi Bear chandelier by Jellio!! Plus….


HX (images thanks to

Ian Stevenson

WIERD!! loving this so much!

Well into the tune also,