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Video by Johnny Kelly, of exactly what I’m trying NOT TO DO this week! Bring me a new brain!

Click on the link also, and watch ‘The Seed’ then the ‘Making of the Seed’ -its wicked! (and will let you procrastinate some more…)


(Johnny Kelly found via AfroSAxon blog, check it out too -Bob Marley and Charlotte Gainsbourg monatges, so good….)


premature spring celebration!

garland photo from creativejewishmom blog

Yes I know, its bloody cold today, but the sun is out!

And sun = spring coming =diy garland making! Obv.

I like the fact that the one above is made from disposable tablecloths, but it seems like a really nice jumping off point to make some really interesting stuff! Apparently you just put your little shapes through the sewing machine. 

For a proper explanation visit creativejewishmom >>>>>>>


heart zeena

I’ve been wanting to write about zeena shah’s stuff for a while, and finally i can show you online her shop!

Zeena trained in textile design at Chelsea college, and after working for various designers struck out on her own end of last year. Her hand printed, super pretty aesthetic is a charmer:

lavender bags

detail, beautiful cushion backs



Really nice, and saved me in a couple of christmas present situations! I’m looking forward to seeing it develop.

GO and have a good look at the heart zeena shop >>>>>>> click this link!


(all photos thanks to zeena)

the SHOP is here!

Drum roll please…………..

I would like to announce the cupboard shop is officially open!


Visit the shop at    www.etsy.com/shop/TheCupboardShop

where you will find an array of vintage finds, check back regularly for new vintage gems, and the soon to follow designers section, selling hand made, one off, unique pieces.

I can’t wait

here is a sneak preview

Happy shopping


wildlife on one…

These handprinted tea-towels from Peckham, show all the lovely wildlife on the doorstep! ACE!

To wash up with these grimy London inhabitants, buy one from the shop of garudio studiage , only £8 too>> Bargain! ….. 


Zoe Murphy

ZoeMurphy_Margate recycled bedroom set(low)


ZoeMurphy_Recycled-Silk-Patchwork footstool(low)

Fish & Chips anyone?! 

Zoe Murphy is becoming known for her lovely hand printed furniture & textiles, with prints all based around her hometown Margate.

Furniture and fabrics are reclaimed from second-hand (note the 50s furniture & silks unpicked from old wedding dresses) and up-cycled into new designs and pieces. Prints transform run down gloomy British seaside imagery into bright, optimistic fabrics celebrating the seaside!

In Zoes words…

“…a place and a thing that with loving attention and good design, can be brought back to be something beautiful, desired and respected.”

ZoeMurphy_Margate Recycled Silk Cushions(low)CCCCCHHHHheck out her website :::::: www.zoemurphy.com ;;;;;;; 







Yes, this is early for Christmas (and a bit weird i admit), but the other day i saw these hand blown and decorated glass Christmas decorations! 

Although they are compleately over the top (something that never stops the Cupboard!), there’s nothing like a bit of glitter if you are freezing in the November sunshine.

Also, I read Paul Smith is a fan (NAME DROP!).

check out the other cars too >>>>   www.bombki.com >>>>

HX (look i learnt to link!)