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Ian Stevenson

WIERD!! loving this so much!

Well into the tune also,


Saturday night, collage night!

Saturday night = working on photoshop + patti smith reading on radio 4 +
new Tunng album + finding these AWESOME collages…. so genius.

Its amazing what happens to saturday night once drinks get cancelled!

HX (Images thanks to Hagen – Renaker<<<<<<<<  )

((this post is dedicated to Eliza who will fully appreciate this collage genius HA!))

Totem totem! Damien Poulain

totem 49

Made from reclaimed wood and hand-painted, these beautiful Totems were created for exhibition by Damien Poulain.They do remind me of a similar project by Munari -but unfortunately I cannot find my picture of his for love nor money, and not even googleimage is helping, so if you have a picture PLEASE send it in and i’ll whack it up!

DPs Totems have made a school trip to Tokyo, Berlin and London for exhibitions and are available to buy -as an entire collection! Alternatively, go to Damien’s shop and buy a print instead for 40 quid…


I love his whole portfolio, beautiful colours, shapes and fonts. GO and see on his website,  jealous!

HX (images thanks to damienpoulain)

Cat Johnston

Cat Johnston – the crows are wiping their beaks

AGH! Scary Model War Carnage!

Cat Johnston is having her first solo show this week at Concrete Hermit, London -full of little models living in their illustrated world, all created by Cat . I got told about this by a friend and I’m really looking forward to it -sounds like some original work should appear!

Love Concrete Hermit anyway -check out their shop for some really good presents and a lot of new illustration work X

HX (photo thanks to Unseen Agency)

Check out Cat Johnson at >>>> COncrete Hermit Gallery : 5A Club Row, London E1 6JX. 5th-20th March, PV 4th March

fashion scouts need woggles…

So London Fashion week is in full swing -and im opting out with my dog in the coutnryside OOPS! never mind as I am still nerding up online, away from having to look good in this rain.

As we are more interested in emerging talent here, first bit of coverage comes from Vauxhall Fashion Scout -guys who focus on showing new designers and have, with the past seven seasons, shown designers including Peter Pilotto, Felder Felder, Spijkers en Spijkers, William Tempest, Avsh Alom Gur, Cooperative Designs & Cupboard favorites Theatre de la Mode!

Schedule’s on all week for shows, but the ‘ONE TO WATCH’ -the shows of emerging young designers, happened on Friday….

David Longshaw

CSM and RCA graduate David Longshaw show = soft coloured illustrations + block colours + lovely blue + shoulders!

Eudon Choi

Utility utility plus floaty chiffon from Eudon Choi, who mixes up masculine tailoring counter balanced by ultra girly dresses.


A Danish duo! Rah, I cant get a good look at this but i’ve heard its a good one! Going to try and track this show down for you later…

Florencia Kozuch

Argentinian Londoner Florencia Kozuch had a wicked graduate collection from CSM last year and is my favorite now with her crazy knits, lots of sexy black (hurah) and amazing textures – my personal one to watch…

both illustrations by Louise Shepard live from Florencia Kozuch’s show 


(all images thanks to Fashion Scout blog, check out their amazing coverage!)


Julia Pott

Ah, a cheery animation for gloomy February!

Julia Pott is a wicked illustrator & also makes lovely animations -well this one cheered me up anyway! Definitely check out her website >>>>>>juliapott.com for more.

HX (thanks to Zeena for showing me on a tea break yesterday…)

wildlife on one…

These handprinted tea-towels from Peckham, show all the lovely wildlife on the doorstep! ACE!

To wash up with these grimy London inhabitants, buy one from the shop of garudio studiage , only £8 too>> Bargain! …..