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wildlife on one…

These handprinted tea-towels from Peckham, show all the lovely wildlife on the doorstep! ACE!

To wash up with these grimy London inhabitants, buy one from the shop of garudio studiage , only £8 too>> Bargain! ….. 


with love from……….Morocco x

One half of the cupboard crew has been jazzing around in Marrakech, Morocco recently. Marrakech know as the ‘Red City’ is a feast for all the senses, my tiny art kid’s mind was blown by the riot of colour, pattern, incredible craftmanship and sheer chaos that fills  every corner of the medina. I have been super inspired by my travels around Morocco and know that my trip will inform my design work from now on.

Check out some of my snaps and get inspired too…….. ENJOY



I love the way that objects are grouped together in random ordered chaos!

a RIOT of colour



structured pattern


During my time in Marrakech I spent a considerable amount of time in the souks purchasing all manner of beautiful and bazar treasures. Don’t worry guys I haven’t forgotten you,  I have a couple of presents just for you from the ‘Red city’.

Keep an eye on us to find out what I got for you and how you can get your hands on it.

…………..PRESENTS  to   FOLLOW…………..

E x






The Cupboard is divided -are hearts good or awful?! Maybe we should fight like on Harry Hill, but then we don’t agree on HH either (funny or an idiot?!)…

Ah well, make your own mind up on this one….

Tatty-Devine- hearttatty devine £125

Special project and exhibition with Verena Paloma Jabs, see it now in their brick lane shop. Very lovely.

>>>>> >>>>>>






lala blankets




LaLa blankets are designed by Chelsea graduate Flora Parr , and are the softest thing EvER!!!!!

Made from 100% lambswool, these woven blankets are in perfect colours with immaculate finishes. She also does some rocking bunting, made to order.

Contact Flora or track them down in a couple of shops in Notting Hill to get your hands on one -winter warmth!!!!  go go … >>>>>>>


(photo thanks to Flora)



What The Cupboard finds funny as it works through its Saturday night…. LOOSERS! innit >>>>>>

H & E X

(images thanks to fashematics)


Beautiful scarfs from Australia. They are mental and very massive, what more could you want!! Fantasy Christmas list!




They also have a wicked publication which is well worth checking out. See the scarfs for reals in Libertys (if you’re UK) and of course check out TRUST-FUN.COM >>>>>> 


load of old queens…. Queens of Vintage

If you like a bit of vintage styling look no further than Queens of Vintage’s MASSive website!

There’s fashion, interiors, news, events & a ‘make do and mend’ section if you fancy a project, amongst other things.

My personal favorite bit however, is the ‘top 100 queens’  where you can check out other peoples outfits (yes, i know…) !





Have a look at §§§§§§§§§§>>>>>

Of course, if you like vintage, you can also check out THE CUPBOARDS ONLINE SHOP when it opens next wk too….


pop tart;park life;pop tate;pop life!


Finally made it downto the TATE for the POp expo that’s on -had a very jolly time! It’s not particulaly ground breaking, but was a lot of fun. A personal highlight – I got to be in a room full of Keith Haring, recreating pop shop -HERO WORSHIP! There are also some great Koons… Was also lucky enough to be brought a dog, who now sits on my door…

Fittingly, the shop is wicked for this show too, including…..




CHeck it out further at the POP LIFE (link!). There is also a talk on the 7th Dec about the curration, which i’m going to try and go along to, if you’re interested….


Oh and NOTE: its very expensive, so don’t forget to borrow your friends members card first (sorry tate – i think this is an  illegal move ….) !

Zoe Murphy

ZoeMurphy_Margate recycled bedroom set(low)


ZoeMurphy_Recycled-Silk-Patchwork footstool(low)

Fish & Chips anyone?! 

Zoe Murphy is becoming known for her lovely hand printed furniture & textiles, with prints all based around her hometown Margate.

Furniture and fabrics are reclaimed from second-hand (note the 50s furniture & silks unpicked from old wedding dresses) and up-cycled into new designs and pieces. Prints transform run down gloomy British seaside imagery into bright, optimistic fabrics celebrating the seaside!

In Zoes words…

“…a place and a thing that with loving attention and good design, can be brought back to be something beautiful, desired and respected.”

ZoeMurphy_Margate Recycled Silk Cushions(low)CCCCCHHHHheck out her website :::::: ;;;;;;;