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Munch munch munch

Gummi Bear chandelier by Jellio!! Plus….


HX (images thanks to Jellio.com)


Saturday night, collage night!

Saturday night = working on photoshop + patti smith reading on radio 4 +
new Tunng album + finding these AWESOME collages…. so genius.

Its amazing what happens to saturday night once drinks get cancelled!

HX (Images thanks to Hagen – Renaker<<<<<<<<  )

((this post is dedicated to Eliza who will fully appreciate this collage genius HA!))

Julia Pott

Ah, a cheery animation for gloomy February!

Julia Pott is a wicked illustrator & also makes lovely animations -well this one cheered me up anyway! Definitely check out her website >>>>>>juliapott.com for more.

HX (thanks to Zeena for showing me on a tea break yesterday…)

milling about

I really liked going to the mill in Dalson last summer -all that corn! I longed for dungerees.

Set up by architects EXYZT as part of the Barbican’s programme ‘Radical Nature’,  the dalston mill referenced the same project set up in NYC in early 1980s where people made bread from planting a urban wheat field.

Many of the themes and arising discusions where influenced by ideas of community and social enterprise, a cupboard interest too! 

Excitingly, a little pird has told me that interesting projects will be happening again this summer, based around the theme of gardening, so HURAH!

To get a mch more indepth, coherent backround of the mill project, check out theeesee guys with their excellent post >>>wemakemoneynotart <<<<

also – .exyzt.org is worth a looooooooooook <


(photos thanks to we make money not art)

premature spring celebration!

garland photo from creativejewishmom blog

Yes I know, its bloody cold today, but the sun is out!

And sun = spring coming =diy garland making! Obv.

I like the fact that the one above is made from disposable tablecloths, but it seems like a really nice jumping off point to make some really interesting stuff! Apparently you just put your little shapes through the sewing machine. 

For a proper explanation visit creativejewishmom >>>>>>>


joshua allen harris

FUUUUUUUNY! Very lovely DIY action from joshua allen harris


Fold up. part two.

Amazing ++++++++

mashallah design + Linda Kostowski, the_tshirt_issue

This is actually an old project from 2008 between Mashallah Design and Linda Kostowski, but it looks freeeeessssh! The Berlin based designers scanned human bodies, fed it into the computer to create 3d polygons, then turned that into 2d files that are then lazer cut.

And this is a very small peer at an architecture concept that involves pattern cutting/fabric  ‘moulds’ , which create concrete structures unique to the process>>>>

Project by Mark West

These columns were designed and built by Prof. Mark West and students, moulded from spandex!! (Thanks to Center for Architectural Structures and Technology (CAST).).

So much to think about….


(photos thanks to Mashallah design, and CAST)