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Very Happy Christmas from THECUPBOARD!!!!!!!!!!!

We have been having a brilliant time this year, thanks to everyone for reading the blog, submiting amazing work and listening to our endless plans for what we want to do after one too many!

We’ve now been plotting for 6 months and so our plans have changed slightly and become clearer. We feel like the project now has 2 phases>>>>

Phase one = collecting. Collecting designers, makers, products, illustrators, research, inspiration in ideas and visually. This has come out in the blog and with all the people getting involved.

We’ve also focused our eye in to one-off objects, limited editions, handmade/hand finished objects.

Phase two next year is all about popup shops, shows and spaces to show/sell! We really want to make it work and to promote new design, and it looks like its going to happen hurah! Interesting spaces, an investment of cash, and some wicked new people supporting the idea look good for next year!

The more diversity of talented people the better, so send us your work ASAP you lazy sods….

Have a super jolly Christmas time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE Emma & Helen

Quay Hoang :: Wings Shall Tell the Matter

Designer-maker Quay Hoang has always been interested in the mix between art, design and digital process, and normally combines this exploration with an insane amount of laborious hours to make truly beautiful work.

Finding her inspiration in people and their experiences of nature in the context of the urban, her new exhibition at the Brockwell Lido cafe is the perfect setting! 

Check out these pictures from the exhibition below::

There’s nothing better than a post Christmas brain clearout in some freezing air, so pop down to check out the exhibition and a bacon sandwich from the 29th December…

SEEEEEE Quay’s jazz at>>>>>
and come on down to the lido>>>>>



its like, a desert man with shiney glasses, on the moon and fergies having a lay down in the jungle, and then there’s a moon elephant a space ship and a shiney prism, and then the scary man is not in it and you think, well where is he? and then it turns out hes singing at the SUN!

what more could anyone want? i love music videos

HX (thanks eliza!)

sandra backlund

Sandra Backlund hails from Stockholm, where she makes beautiful, sculptural knitwear, using small units to build up bigger designs.

She’s also a big promoter of handcraft, which is interesting for such a contemporary aesthetic :::::: as SB says>

“The handimade process and the handmade feeling is … very significant. I am interested in almost every traditional handicraft method. It is the real thing and everything the modern fashion industry is not. ”

The CUpboard loves Sandra!!! SEE HERE >>>>>>>>><<



Yiying Wang has gone one step further with her work, not only creating characters, accessories and a whole load of stationary, but her own WORLD noodletown!

After graduating from CSMs MA course, YiYing has collaborated with Donna Wilson among others, and has had work in MOMA, Topshop and Magma/. LOts of fun times, go on, take a pencil case to school!

Check out all the inhabitants of noodletown HERE >><<<<<<


all the president’s medals….

RIBA announced the prize winners of its president’s student medals for this year  last week -check it out! For the uninitiated (i.e. me!) part one is like a BA, part 2 equiv of MA… 

work above by PAscal Bronner (UCL), (Wen Ying Teh (AA London) & Anam Hassan (University Grenwich)

I seem to find the link between technical solution and the bits of jazz that make up an architectural drawing really satifying. So inspiring, not only for the work and concept but for the presentation.

See all prize winners and !MUCH BIGGER PICTURES! on the RIBA SITE >>>>>>>>>


Tea & Make

I’m off to tea and make this morning! Got confused and thought it was next weekend (stupid) so this post is very unconcidered, but i can’t wait to see all the stands!

heartzeena cushions

hat by Jennifer Levet

Roddy and Ginger

heartzeena lavender bags

There’s events, workshops and of course selected designers, where hopefully my Christmas shopping list will be helped! All are small companys and designers, hand printing and crafting their products, score.

See you there!



This is a really amazing insight >>>

i can’t recomend watching this more, so click link below if you fancy, it runs out Wednesday so go go!

BBC doc -the man behind the Masquerade 


Plato’s Atlantis

Yes, im sure you’ve seen it already, but I can’t resist putting some details of the Alexander Mc Queen SS10 show in the blog AMAZZZZZZING!

How did that collection happen?! A.M.azing…. The digital print work on this collection alone blows my mind… WOOP!WOOP!

full show at amongst others >>>>


(photos thanks to -DONT SUE ME!)

THorsten Van Elten

Ooh, Thorsten Van Elten start its 12 days of christmas POPUP SHOP-today!!!! 

I love this shop -TVE wanders around, finding interesting product designers then puts the ideas into production himself then sells the designs in his shop….

i like this statement from his beautiful website>>>>

‘What exactly is it you do?’ …is a question Thorsten often gets asked. ‘Hmmm, I’m not quite sure myself.’ is the response he usually gives, ‘I do quite a few different things that are somewhat linked.’

The 12 days runs from from Wednesday the 2nd until Sunday the 13th of December, with all the designs on sale, and a new special offer every day…. head to their studio at The Garage 
1 North Terrace (off Brompton Road), London SW3 2BA. There’s also a seconds sale in bethnal green this weekend…

HAVE A LOOK at this )))))))))) ((((((((((( >>>>>>>>