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Video by Johnny Kelly, of exactly what I’m trying NOT TO DO this week! Bring me a new brain!

Click on the link also, and watch ‘The Seed’ then the ‘Making of the Seed’ -its wicked! (and will let you procrastinate some more…)


(Johnny Kelly found via AfroSAxon blog, check it out too -Bob Marley and Charlotte Gainsbourg monatges, so good….)


Ian Stevenson

WIERD!! loving this so much!

Well into the tune also,


Julia Pott

Ah, a cheery animation for gloomy February!

Julia Pott is a wicked illustrator & also makes lovely animations -well this one cheered me up anyway! Definitely check out her website >>>>>>juliapott.com for more.

HX (thanks to Zeena for showing me on a tea break yesterday…)



its like, a desert man with shiney glasses, on the moon and fergies having a lay down in the jungle, and then there’s a moon elephant a space ship and a shiney prism, and then the scary man is not in it and you think, well where is he? and then it turns out hes singing at the SUN!

what more could anyone want? i love music videos

HX (thanks eliza!)