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heart zeena

I’ve been wanting to write about zeena shah’s stuff for a while, and finally i can show you online her shop!

Zeena trained in textile design at Chelsea college, and after working for various designers struck out on her own end of last year. Her hand printed, super pretty aesthetic is a charmer:

lavender bags

detail, beautiful cushion backs



Really nice, and saved me in a couple of christmas present situations! I’m looking forward to seeing it develop.

GO and have a good look at the heart zeena shop >>>>>>> click this link!


(all photos thanks to zeena)



Yiying Wang has gone one step further with her work, not only creating characters, accessories and a whole load of stationary, but her own WORLD noodletown!

After graduating from CSMs MA course, YiYing has collaborated with Donna Wilson among others, and has had work in MOMA, Topshop and Magma/. LOts of fun times, go on, take a pencil case to school!

Check out all the inhabitants of noodletown HERE >> noodoll.com<<<<<<


THorsten Van Elten

Ooh, Thorsten Van Elten start its 12 days of christmas POPUP SHOP-today!!!! 

I love this shop -TVE wanders around, finding interesting product designers then puts the ideas into production himself then sells the designs in his shop….

i like this statement from his beautiful website>>>>

‘What exactly is it you do?’ …is a question Thorsten often gets asked. ‘Hmmm, I’m not quite sure myself.’ is the response he usually gives, ‘I do quite a few different things that are somewhat linked.’

The 12 days runs from from Wednesday the 2nd until Sunday the 13th of December, with all the designs on sale, and a new special offer every day…. head to their studio at The Garage 
1 North Terrace (off Brompton Road), London SW3 2BA. There’s also a seconds sale in bethnal green this weekend…

HAVE A LOOK at this )))))))))) thorstenvanelten.com ((((((((((( >>>>>>>>


wildlife on one…

These handprinted tea-towels from Peckham, show all the lovely wildlife on the doorstep! ACE!

To wash up with these grimy London inhabitants, buy one from the shop of garudio studiage , only £8 too>> Bargain! ….. 


Zoe Murphy

ZoeMurphy_Margate recycled bedroom set(low)


ZoeMurphy_Recycled-Silk-Patchwork footstool(low)

Fish & Chips anyone?! 

Zoe Murphy is becoming known for her lovely hand printed furniture & textiles, with prints all based around her hometown Margate.

Furniture and fabrics are reclaimed from second-hand (note the 50s furniture & silks unpicked from old wedding dresses) and up-cycled into new designs and pieces. Prints transform run down gloomy British seaside imagery into bright, optimistic fabrics celebrating the seaside!

In Zoes words…

“…a place and a thing that with loving attention and good design, can be brought back to be something beautiful, desired and respected.”

ZoeMurphy_Margate Recycled Silk Cushions(low)CCCCCHHHHheck out her website :::::: www.zoemurphy.com ;;;;;;; 


charlene mullen >> +


ooh, black and white line drawing embroidery! really nice. I’m especially a big fan of the new cat cushions, which are not given justice in this photo but are ace (previewed at London Design week)! Christmas on the horizon…..

check out C Ms website at charlenemullen.com > > > > > 


(thanks to charlenes website for photos)

abigail brown

This is a long overdue post on designer Abigail Brown -creator of, among other things, amazing  hand-made bird sculptures…


Abigails creatures and birds are all made by hand, and, as she says…

“It pleases me to build aound me this little flock of feathered friends each so delicate and fragile, each with it’s own little character which is told through the little twist of it’s head of it’s own individual stance. Whether birds, monkeys, cats or elephants, my work centres around animals because they give me comfort, they are truly heart warming, they make me smile…and that is the same reaction I hope merely to evoke in others.”

Recently featured in Elle Deco,Selvedge and Country Livng magazine amongst others I bumped into a bird or two in Libertys the other day too!

See & shop > >  >  www.abigail-brown.co.uk > > > >