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Helen Kemp

hurah, work’s in!!!!! job done bruv.

not sure if i can actually show any of my prints online yet, as people will fingers crossed be buying them soon, but here are some of the (hopefully not too dull) starting points that i took for season spring summer 2011 >>>>>

soft v. hardness


stick on googly eyes!


Seems like SS11 turned out to be a monochrome feast for me…

If anyone has any work that they’ve completed this year or are producing for future seasons SEND A BIT IN and we’ll start a little collection of ideas on the blog. New year new sights!



Plato’s Atlantis

Yes, im sure you’ve seen it already, but I can’t resist putting some details of the Alexander Mc Queen SS10 show in the blog AMAZZZZZZING!

How did that collection happen?! A.M.azing…. The digital print work on this collection alone blows my mind… WOOP!WOOP!

full show at style.com amongst others >>>>


(photos thanks to style.com -DONT SUE ME!)