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the SHOP is here!

Drum roll please…………..

I would like to announce the cupboard shop is officially open!


Visit the shop at    www.etsy.com/shop/TheCupboardShop

where you will find an array of vintage finds, check back regularly for new vintage gems, and the soon to follow designers section, selling hand made, one off, unique pieces.

I can’t wait

here is a sneak preview

Happy shopping



Helen Kemp

hurah, work’s in!!!!! job done bruv.

not sure if i can actually show any of my prints online yet, as people will fingers crossed be buying them soon, but here are some of the (hopefully not too dull) starting points that i took for season spring summer 2011 >>>>>

soft v. hardness


stick on googly eyes!


Seems like SS11 turned out to be a monochrome feast for me…

If anyone has any work that they’ve completed this year or are producing for future seasons SEND A BIT IN and we’ll start a little collection of ideas on the blog. New year new sights!



Very Happy Christmas from THECUPBOARD!!!!!!!!!!!

We have been having a brilliant time this year, thanks to everyone for reading the blog, submiting amazing work and listening to our endless plans for what we want to do after one too many!

We’ve now been plotting for 6 months and so our plans have changed slightly and become clearer. We feel like the project now has 2 phases>>>>

Phase one = collecting. Collecting designers, makers, products, illustrators, research, inspiration in ideas and visually. This has come out in the blog and with all the people getting involved.

We’ve also focused our eye in to one-off objects, limited editions, handmade/hand finished objects.

Phase two next year is all about popup shops, shows and spaces to show/sell! We really want to make it work and to promote new design, and it looks like its going to happen hurah! Interesting spaces, an investment of cash, and some wicked new people supporting the idea look good for next year!

The more diversity of talented people the better, so send us your work ASAP you lazy sods….

Have a super jolly Christmas time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE Emma & Helen

remember remember……..


bonfire night! Have fun  >>>>>  and put your gloves on before that sparkler you idiot!

H & E X

a good excuse to put this on too, i love this beautiful yet headachy video SO MUCH! ….

Bowls anyone?


Original British Bowling Bag, the perfect bowling about town / back of the bike  bag! Green velvet interior. Anyone for winter pimms?

Available soon, the cupboard shop > > > > 


off to china




Personalised China sets, coming soon to the Cupboard shop. 

To submit your work for inclusion to the shop, please tell us about it! at contactthecupboard@gmail.com > > > >  >