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joshua allen harris

FUUUUUUUNY! Very lovely DIY action from joshua allen harris



sandra backlund

Sandra Backlund hails from Stockholm, where she makes beautiful, sculptural knitwear, using small units to build up bigger designs.

She’s also a big promoter of handcraft, which is interesting for such a contemporary aesthetic :::::: as SB says>

“The handimade process and the handmade feeling is … very significant. I am interested in almost every traditional handicraft method. It is the real thing and everything the modern fashion industry is not. ”

The CUpboard loves Sandra!!! SEE HERE >>>>>>>>>sandrabacklund.com<<


abigail brown

This is a long overdue post on designer Abigail Brown -creator of, among other things, amazing  hand-made bird sculptures…


Abigails creatures and birds are all made by hand, and, as she says…

“It pleases me to build aound me this little flock of feathered friends each so delicate and fragile, each with it’s own little character which is told through the little twist of it’s head of it’s own individual stance. Whether birds, monkeys, cats or elephants, my work centres around animals because they give me comfort, they are truly heart warming, they make me smile…and that is the same reaction I hope merely to evoke in others.”

Recently featured in Elle Deco,Selvedge and Country Livng magazine amongst others I bumped into a bird or two in Libertys the other day too!

See & shop > >  >  www.abigail-brown.co.uk > > > >