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THorsten Van Elten

Ooh, Thorsten Van Elten start its 12 days of christmas POPUP SHOP-today!!!! 

I love this shop -TVE wanders around, finding interesting product designers then puts the ideas into production himself then sells the designs in his shop….

i like this statement from his beautiful website>>>>

‘What exactly is it you do?’ …is a question Thorsten often gets asked. ‘Hmmm, I’m not quite sure myself.’ is the response he usually gives, ‘I do quite a few different things that are somewhat linked.’

The 12 days runs from from Wednesday the 2nd until Sunday the 13th of December, with all the designs on sale, and a new special offer every day…. head to their studio at The Garage 
1 North Terrace (off Brompton Road), London SW3 2BA. There’s also a seconds sale in bethnal green this weekend…

HAVE A LOOK at this )))))))))) thorstenvanelten.com ((((((((((( >>>>>>>>



Islington Design & ARt Fair


So if your passing through Angel Islington, jump behind the station and check out the final week of the design fair at Candid Arts, focusing on product design, ceramics and glass. Interesting bits and bobs, interesting building and a lovely cafe to get out of the rain hurah!

Thanks to Nicola for tipping us off >>>


Nicola Anthony, 2007

http://www.candidarts.com AND http://www.nicolaanthony.co.uk