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CSM CONgratulations!

And fashion week…. ENDS! 

A very serious show all in all from CSM, not sure if im that minimal myself (where were you colours?!) but congrats to all and ESPECIALLY to prize winning kids Lilly Heine, Jackie Lee and Rok Hwang!

Rok Hwang

Rok Hwang = pretty&strong! stars & blue and shoulders and colunms  of lovely lovely fabric!

Lilly Heine

Amazing original work from Lilly Heine -beautiful silhouettes and multi layers that move SO amazingly -find a video!

Jackie Lee

Jackie Lee’s beautifully cut, grown up collection summed up the CSM mood and had really.really.good.coats!

HUrray, and well done surviving Louise

HX (photos from style.com, but go and see with the magnifyer on vogue!)





For all of you also lazing around on sunday -watch CSM MA SHOW LIVE!! in a few hours by clicking HERE >>>>to London fashion week live .     We just watched Todd Lynn -FOX DEATH!!

Several people are live streaming throughout the week (go go Ashish at 9am on tues) – so ride out the schedule delays in the confort of your own (avant-garde) joggers with a cup of tea….