Designedmade 1

Set up by Jonathan Krawczuk, designedmade is a new company with beautiful products all designed and made (there it is) in Britian.

The emphasis is not only on producing a range of interesting products, but to build a company with a focus on self sustainable British maufacturing. So, for example, the tarantular tea light (above) is lazer cut in Rotherham, Yorkshire, hand-pressed and finished in Huddersfield and powder-coated in West Yorkshire.

The practical and social point of this production method is summed up best my Jonathan >>>>

“It’s such a shame that so many workshops have already gone, and continue to shut down. There’s still a plethora of highly skilled and talented engineers and workers in the UK – but unfortunately they don’t have enough work. This sort of quality service cannot be found on the internet. These types of businesses (that can be described as ‘precious commodities’) have been built up over many years, and are often family-run, based on quality, loyalty and service.”

As supporters of new designers trying to hand craft and produce small runs, we salute this mentality!

designedmade 3

designedmade 2

Find Designedmade to buy at …



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