Book UP: Digital Textile Design>>


specs on..

There’s a really good new book out: Digital Textile Design by Melanie Bowles and Ceri Isaac.

It’s the first practical book I’ve seen on Textile designing on the computer, even including tutorials on repeats, stripes, fashion illustration etc in lovely photoshop/illustrator. If you’re writing anything on new technology (dissertation kids) there’s also a wealth of knowledge and stats on this relatively new development in textiles.

The best bit though is the spread of inspirational work, from new designers freely experimenting in their graduate collections, to more established designers playing and creating beautiful new work (have a sneeky look at how hussein chalayan made the prints for those mental dresses in AW07, AIRBOURNE, shown most recently in the design museum show).

how??! Hussein Chalayan >>

Its also definitely worth having a look at Melanie’s work : -loads of interesting stuff including her digital shibori, mixing up craft and technology. nice.


craft v. digital

(images hussein chalayan & Melanie Bowles, thanks Mel!)


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